Cross-Platform App Development

Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd is a top provider of Multi-Platform application expansion as well as cross-platform mobile app development services in India and across the globe. We expertise in full-service cross-platform creation procedure right from needs gathering, UX/ UI design, coding, testing to product alimentation and support to create fully featured as well as quality-rich applications. Our Company has been developing some of the most specific applications on platforms like Ionic, Xamarin, PhoneGap, along with Sencha, as well as Titanium.

Cross-Platform App Development Services

Multi-platform mobile apps development administers the user experience and functionality of native applications with the multi-platform compatibility of mobile web applications. This access facilitates the best of both worlds and has been gaining a lot of acknowledgment due to the trade-offs with native creation and mobile web approaches. In today’s changing marketplace where the future is totally unclear, cross-platform applications provide a middle ground to gain success for your mobile strategy.

As per the latest survey of Mobile and Wireless news. By 2019 more than 60%  of Mobile Applications deployed will have used cross-platform creation tools. The research states that industries are under extreme pressure from management and employees to developed and expand mobile apps in order to accommodate customer engagement.

Key Features of Cross-Platform App Development Services

Ionic Based Development

Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd offers expertized services in Ionic mobile application development, an open-source software development kit for hybrid app creation for ordered performance across various platforms such as Android, iOS as well as Windows Phone. Our industry-leading Ionic application development solutions associate with HTML5, AngularJS, and CSS unleash complete promising for your mobile app idea.

Xamarin Based Development

We are a Xamarin App Development Company, helping small to large industries. By creating a cross-platform enterprise mobile application by using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture design. With access to iOS & Android APIs, authority code reusability, data framework for every platform. Powered by C#, you can construct engaging cross-platform mobile and tablet apps and butt a wider public.

PhoneGap Based Development

PhoneGap permits rehashing existing web development skills to quickly develop hybrid application constructs with CSS, HTML as well as JavaScript. PhoneGap helps in developing applications for multiple platforms with a single codebase to target a large crowd of audience.

Sencha Based Development

Sencha is a performance align HTML5 mobile application framework which allows the creation of amazing applications that are able to run on various platforms. It is the first mobile app development framework that can influence HTML, CSS3, as well as JavaScript for availing powerful functions and unmatched affability.

Titanium Based Development

Titanium has become a famous open-source platform that assists developers to develop cross-platform web and mobile apps. It is known for its robust and interactive features and a stable coding structure. Businesses have increasingly begun going for Titanium development services for reaching out to more customers across the various mobile and web platforms.

Our Procedure For Cross-Platform App Development Services

  • Design:- We create intuitive touch-friendly interfaces and connect these screens to app development.
  • Construct:- Rapidly create a mobile application on Cross-platform with Phonegap structure.
  • Connect:- Effortlessly connect your mobile application to existing data using data attachments to databases and ERP systems.
  • Test:- Checking bugs by writing automated tests and then executing these tests beyond various platforms.
  • Deploy:- Push live upgrades to your mobile app without resubmitting to app stores for authorization or without any standard update.
  • Monitor And Measure:- We can go via real-time reports and data to evaluate app performance.

Ionic Mobile App Development

Ionic Mobile  App Development
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Social media app development
  • Enterprise App design & development
  • mCommerce app design & development
  • iBeacon app development

Xamarin Mobile Development

Xamarin Mobile Development
  • Android Application Development
  • iPhone Application DevelopmentTesting Services
  • Xamarin Windows Application Development
  • Cross Platform Mobile Consulting Services
  • Support & Maintenance Services

PhoneGap App Development

PhoneGap App Development
  • PhoneGap Application Development
  • PhoneGap Mobile Enablement
  • PhoneGap App Integration
  • PhoneGap App Testing & Migration
  • Enterprise App Development

Sencha Touch App Development

Sencha Touch App Development
  • Sencha App Testing & Portability
  • Sencha Mobile App Maintenance
  • Custom Sencha Apps Development
  • Enterprise Sencha Mobile App
  • Social Media Sencha Applications

Titanium Accelerator App Development

Titanium Accelerator App Development
  • Utility Mobile Applications
  • Monitoring & Tracking Apps
  • E-commerce Mobile Apps
  • Entertainment Application
  • Enterprise Mobile Apps