Engagement Models

Dedicated Hiring

Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd is a hub of talented, skilled, and experienced team members. Therefore, its hiring dedicated resources are the biggest Sources to advantage your causes and businesses in eminently cost-effective manners.

Our dedicated team members have provided end-to-end development solutions for start-ups to enterprises in all over the world through expertise and experiences.

Our team members are well aware of their tasks and create integrity in the team to give the best results. They deal with any trouble and bring out the best beneficial solutions.

dedicated hiring

Flexible Hiring

Many of the candidates we talk to are looking for jobs that allow them to work for short period or have other types of flexibility built in. We allow you to choose from a diversity of options.

Our service offerings include:

Contract: - Many candidates adopt a series of contract assignments so they can use their skills in just the right setting, and often gain more skills on the job. They also take pleasure of working in a number of industries and settings. Allotment can be long or short, depending on the position.

Temporary-to-hire: - You are on the Soncoya staffing salary during the pre-agreed term of the assignment, and can be eligible for benefits.

flexibale hiring

Project Based Hiring

The project based recruitment necessities are raising. With the developments of assorted new projects all around, project based hiring has gone up in the rent times. At Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd, we assist you in hiring contract candidates who have the ability to address your immediate requirements. If you are looking for project based employment, we can help you in it on timely basis.

The workplace culture is constantly developing with time. It is necessary for any company business to understand that there is a rareness of quality employees who will be engaged for a long time with an organization. It is seen that companies have urgent needs in regards to a project that requires certain skills.

project based hiring