API Testing

API Testing

The requirement for API testing and service virtualization is becoming increasingly necessary day by day. As IT organizations create bimodal ability to support mobile, digital business transformation actions in the Internet of things.

Clients across industries partner with Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd for comprehensive API testing, that facilitates individual key benefits each of which can boost the analysis of the test cycle, conserve resources, and result in faster and more efficient dispensation.

Service-oriented construction and middleware transform businesses by accommodating applications with business procedures and endowing a communication layer amid applications and back-end systems. We are testing services along with service virtualizations that help IT sectors minimize risks and optimize costs by alluring early in the product development life cycle. We facilitate automated, comprehensive and manageable test methods to deliver components and integrated testing of the service-oriented architecture (SOA) and middleware.

API Testing Services Offered By Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • Unit Testing - For testing the performance of individual APIs.
  • Functional Testing - For testing end to end performance of the API layer.
  • Load Testing - for verification of performance and functionality for the system under different levels of user/ transaction load.
  • Runtime Error Detection - Execution of Automated / Manual tests to analyze problems, such as exceptions and resource aperture.
  • Security Testing - It contains different types of security checks like authentication, encryption, access control, and penetration testing.
  • Web UI Testing - End to end testing of the whole system adopting the APIs.

Why To Hire Us For API Testing Services?

  • Proficiency in a large range of API protocols like SOAP, JSON, XML, REST, Gdata, ATOM, RSS, RDF, YAML and many more.
  • End to end apps verification experience at different slab of an application.
  • Automation of API test cases.
  • Proficiency in major industry tools for API testing for functional, load, and security testing.

Methods Used By Us For API Testing Services

  • API Specification Analysis which displays various errors in the application before a single test case is written.
  • Test Specification Development specifying the test circumstances and expected outcomes for each test case.
  • Test Framework Development as an advantage to automated test case development.
  • Test Case Development, Reporting or Execution.

What Clients Expect From Us?

  • Well-defined and ordered API test procedure methodology
  • Open source and commercial end-to-end API testing foundation with service virtualization
  • Multi-point validation solution for whole API transaction with SV – resulting in accomplishing adequate, near 100% test coverage
  • Continuous integration and quality in repetitive and spirited environment
  • End to end automated testing of API’s for REST, SOAP and another protocol
  • ‘On Commit’ continuous integration in frisky and repetitive development progression models.
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