JAVA Development

JAVA Development

JAVA is an open-source and platform-agnostic nature, it accommodates itself to a wide range of apps and business requirements. Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the superior IT Outsourcing Services companies with expertise in facilitating Java Development Services. We have an excellent knowledge of the Java programming language and Java architectures, which authorize us to create custom Java applications that, gratify your specific business needs.

We have the most professional Java application development team in India with senior Java developers who have executed a number of projects in the technology. Our Java programmers’ team consists of senior Oracle Certified Java Programmers. Who has worked on all leading versions and all supporting technologies? Our Java development vertical provides Java development services that appropriate the existing features of Java and provide the cost and time welfare to the clients.

JAVA Development Services Offered By Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • Java (J2EE/ J2ME) Based Solutions
  • Java (J2EE/ J2ME) Web Application Development Services
  • Migration of Client’s Application Servers to Java/ J2EE Platform
  • Cloud Solutions & Integration
  • IoT & Embedded Systems
  • Distributed Programming
  • Restful API
  • WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) Integration
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Video Conferencing Solution
  • CRM / ERP / Custom Development
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions
  • Offshore Java Development Outsourcing
  • Consulting Services on Java-Based Software Development
  • Migration of Client’s Software Solutions to Java/ J2EE Platform
  • Java Mobile Development

Why To Hire Us For JAVA Development Services?

Our clients map across diverse company verticals comprehensive of e-commerce, entertainment, banking, real estate, automotive, finance, software product development and healthcare.

  • Automotive Services:- Our creative website and mobile apps help the automotive zone to be more cost-efficient & feasible and get maximum Rate of Interest.
  • Banking & Finance Services:- We facilitate custom banking and financial software development solutions for constant cost leadership, increased operational efficiency and quickness.
  • Healthcare App Services:- We are specialized in creating advanced e-healthcare services with end-to-end website & mobile healthcare app development solutions.
  • Media & Entertainment Services:- We facilitate online promotion services, social networking development tools, media content distribution channels with the use of the latest trends.
  • Logistics & Transport Services:- Our result-driven software development solutions for management & transportation maximize Rate of Interest and effectively control daily workflows.
  • Travel & Tourism Services:- Our rapid software development services improve your travel business’ Rate of Interest and lessen operational cost and different business operations.
  • Social Networks Services:- The website application with social connectivity created by Soncoya Solutions conclude social networks & communities, blogs & Wikis, collaboration services, etc.
  • E-Learning Services:- Our e-learning services conclude online training website applications, learning management systems, corporate learning portals, online courses, to name a few.
  • Retail & eCommerce:- We builds strong e-commerce solutions concluding e-carts & marketplaces, auctions & reverse auctions, social commerce services, etc.

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