Ruby On Rails Development

Ruby On Rails Development

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework, which eases the creation of complex, database-driven web applications. Reassuring rapid development and clean, pragmatic design by automatically dealing with routine code and adhering to the DRY principle it authorizes us to focus on your particular requirements, quickly and efficiently.

Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd pursue in custom app development using the Ruby on Rails structure. Exploiting technologies, carefully preferred for long term effectiveness and maintainability, we develop amazing web sites as well as web applications based on the RoR structure. Whether you are interested in using ‘Rails’ for your start-up business, or you already have a website that is created on this framework, We can help you with customization, support, maintenance and development. We have worked in close partnership with businesses to turn their challenging ideas into successful and user-friendly apps.

Ruby On Rails Development Services Offered By Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • Web application development
  • CMS development
  • Custom web development of application
  • Custom RoR application development
  • Deployment, installation and migration
  • Behavior and test-driven programming
  • Blogs, plugin, social media app development
  • Maintenance and upgrade

Why To Hire Us For Ruby On Rails Development Services

Our Ruby On Rails development team follows pair programming practice, along with regular assimilation using tools like TDD (test-driven development), Cruise Control, BDD (Behavior-driven development) and other extreme programming (XP) paradigms to facilitate you best-in-industry RoR services.

We love working with awesome people on awesome products. Ruby on Rails is an open-source web app framework known for a quick and creative manner to develop dynamic website apps.

Technologies Used By Us For Ruby On Rails Development Services

  • RoR for Cloud Hosting:- Our ROR cloud hosting experts set up a secured environment for clients to host their apps and servers.
  • Rails-based Backend:- We control software objects characterizing data with Active Record for object-relational mapping and use the library for communicating with the database.
  • QA and Code Audit:- We perform code audits on apps and validate each gem to analyze problems related to security, performance and scalability.
  • Monolithic Architecture Apps:- We use consistent architecture for creating applications that can control millions of objects and use Capistrano and Chef for better scalability.

What Clients Expects From Us?

  • RoR custom application development
  • Regular ROR maintenance and support
  • Integration of Rails with several third-party services and APIs concluding Payment gateways, Google Maps and Charts, Freebase, Campaign Monitor (distribution of bulk newsletters),, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), New Relic (performance watch) as well as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • RoR eCommerce application development
  • Development of blogs, social networking website and widgets based on Ruby on Rails
  • RoR CMS development services
  • Redesign and improvement of apps and sites
  • Application migration to RoR
  • Web application development
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