Security & Performance Testing

Security & Performance Testing

Performance testing, a subdivision of performance engineering becomes of vital importance today. As it is a type of testing certifying that the apps will function as familiar when under projected workloads. This alcove of testing sets out to eradicate performance-based bottlenecks which comes as the next step to eradicating functional bugs & errors. The Multidots experience in performance engineering and anxious technique of engineering targeting to boost the performance & dependability of applications beyond technology stacks and application lifecycles easily means that your software experience it all.

As enterprises build-up toward the management of the internet, most of their business transactions are happening online and security problems are becoming even harsher. The outcomes of a single invasion insecurity can ruin an enterprise’s reputation and integrity. Validating the need for security risk, the industry has consolidated around the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), a strong framework for Security/ Penetration Testing Services.

Security & Performance Testing Services Offered By Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • Configuration Management Testing
  • Authentication and Authorization Testing
  • Web Services Testing
  • Session Management Testing
  • Business Logic Testing
  • Data Validation Testing
  • Denial of Service Testing
  • Ajax Testing
  • Testing for OWASP top ten vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, XSS
  • QA process and test methodology development and implementation
  • Functional testing
  • Performance, load, and stress testing
  • Application Performance Management
  • Functional Test Automation
  • Application security testing

Why To Hire Us Security & Performance Testing Services?

We provide software testing services, software quality affirmation services, load testing services, application performance administration services, and application security testing services that allow companies to control the risks essential in developing and deploying involved systems.

Our QA and testing services will help diminish costly defect migrations that normally occur throughout the software development wheel of life. After successful creation, our performance management solutions will ensure a perfect end-user experience by collaborating end-user performance effect to the source of the problem within the application framework for quick problem resolution.

Our Procedure For Security & Performance Testing Services

  • Identify Potential Vulnerabilities & known security issues.
  • Remove false positive & decide risk levels.
  • Price finding in the context of the environment under test.
  • Confirm exposure of vulnerability.
  • Confirm impact, depth & deviation from standards
  • Report defect, make recommendations for fix regress issues.

What Clients Expect From Us?

  • Focus on high-end user experience and response-time devaluation.
  • Accurate testing for real-life summary.
  • Timely reports and automated logs.
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