Sencha Touch App Development

Sencha Touch App Development

Sencha Touch is used to create easily and quickly HTML5 based mobile applications that work on iOS, Android and Blackberry devices and generates a native-app-like experience inside a mobile Browser. The nature of smartphone operating systems in today`s generation is not consistent but there is a constant demand for better, smoother and consistent experiences across all these platforms. Be it for Android, iOS or Blackberry, with Sencha Touch we make user-friendly apps for both iOS as well as android making mobile browsing a significant experience.

Sencha Touch experts at Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd help diminish the gap between web applications and native applications by taking advantage of its hardware stimulation features. So no matter what device or web browser is being used, apps are always fast and conscious. Apps created by us using Sencha Touch are highly gentle with respect to their sensitivity to touch events.

Sencha Development Services Offered By Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • Sencha App Testing & Portability
  • Sencha Mobile App Maintenance
  • Custom Sencha Apps Development
  • Enterprise Sencha Mobile App
  • Social Media Sencha Applications
  • 24X7 Sencha Mobile App Support

Why To Hire Us For Sencha Development Services?

  • Development Expertise:- Our team constitutes accomplished Sencha Touch developers who have expertise in the technology along with knowledge of latest trends.
  • Proven Methodology:- Our proven methodology is focused on devotion to the highest quality standards and completion within target date.
  • Rich Domain Experience:- Our team also be proud of an extensive domain experience with a number of successful Sencha projects delivered on the target date.
  • Flexible Hiring Models:- Hire dedicated Sencha professionals on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis according to your project needs.
  • Client-Centric Approach:- We follow a client-centric concept, with accommodate solutions for every client’s unique business needs.
  • Reliable Support:- We provide trustworthy and regular support services to administer challenges at the earliest and maintain Sencha web apps.

Technologies & Tools We Used For Sencha Development Services

  • AJAX - Sencha provides complete AJAX support, concluding JSON-P as well as CORS.
  • Feature Detection - Automatically detects the features presence like geolocation, orientation support as well as canvas.
  • Geolocation - Provides a simple covering around geolocation on devices that support it Icons - 300 icons included.
  • Touch Events - Provides an entire range of touch gestures and events like pinch, tap and swipe.

What Clients Expect From Us?

  • Responsiveness:- Our team of Sencha developers in India influence the power of this structure to develop highly responsive Mobile apps.
  • Flexibility:- We create highly adjustable and interactive mobile apps that give tough competition to the native mobile apps.
  • Cross-platform Compatibility:- Every organization dreamed to hire a Sencha Touch developer from our Company, to reach their audiences, irrespective of the platform of their mobile devices.
  • Innovation:- Every organization wants unique and innovative solutions that help them to aggravate its position in the online market.
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