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SugarCRM is one of the most trendy commercial open source solutions that can be sewn to your business environment. For the past decade, major clients across industries have invested in our SugarCRM services. And we customize the CRM to deliver you higher and faster ROI and elevate customer engagement. Departments across all over the globe- small, medium, and large are moving to SugarCRM for multiple determinants. SugarCRM is an open-source solution planted on PHP. This diminishes the total cost of ownership. You are free to select between on-demand or on-premise versions in view of your business needs.

Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd helps you acquire seamless synchronization of SugarCRM with your emails, contrasting systems, and other third-party apps. Our integration services are planned to help you to influence a competitive advantage in the highly combative and rapidly growing market. We help you to accommodate SugarCRM with major eCommerce apps like OpenCart, Magento with CMS like WordPress, with major Payment Gateways, with your emails, and many more.

Sugar CRM Services Offered By Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • SugarCRM Certified Developers:- Our team consists of SugarCRM certified developers, project managers, technical architects, and business analysts has achieved marvelous success in achieving Sugar is hosted, on-premise and private cloud environments.
  • SugarCRM Custom Fields:- The custom fields in SugarCRM allows you to keep a record of the appropriate data in the forms and central repository.
  • SugarCRM Certified Team:- Satisfaction of our clients is of absolute importance for which we strive determinedly. To assure high-quality services to maximize CRM output, we have a team of Certified SugarCRM Developers.
  • SugarCRM Maintenance:- Our SugarCRM Maintenance services include SugarCRM Support, Data Backup, Moving SugarCRM instance, Bug fixing, Troubleshooting, Performance Optimization, Theme Enhancements.
  • SugarCRM Migration:- Our SugarCRM developers use the most effective Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) tools to make the migration of data safe and simple.
  • SugarCRM Support:- Our SugarCRM Support services includes Telephone support, Chat support, Expert’s consultancy and advice, SugarCRM Upgrades, Tailored analysis, SugarCRM Training, Email support.
  • SugarCRM Plugins:- SugarCRM Plugins and add-ons prove to be a more advantageous substitute when your business needs can be met without complex customization and intricate unification.
  • SugarCRM Integration:- With clients becoming more demanding than ever, you cannot afford to waste time switching between multiple platforms to carry out regular tasks.
  • SugarCRM Customization:- All businesses do not have identical needs or procedures and therefore need custom-built modules in their Sugar to make their system more responsive.

Why Hire Us For Sugar CRM Services?

  • We have good knowledge in creating next-generation apps by using SugarCRM development.
  • We have an admirable and dedicated team of engineers, professionals, developers having abundant experience in developing highly advanced SugarCRM apps.
  • Extensive expertise in various web applications.
  • Customer help and support for 24x7
  • We help you in reaching out to a wider market by developing advanced and inventive SugarCRM applications which also assists in rebound your business.
  • Years of rich experience in creating and developing mobile and web applications.

What Clients Expect From Us?

  • Multiple Deployment Options
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Email and Calendar Integration
  • Campaign Management
  • Google Apps Integration
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