Web Development

Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd is a leading Web Development Company in India. We are known for providing excellent Web Design Services & Web Development Services and Bulk Sms Services in India. Our mission is to provide Creative & Quality Web Development Solutions which will help your business to reach new heights. We are a cheap Web Design service provider in India with unique and tailored web page designing for both changeless and dynamic websites with the latest technologies. If you are looking for website designing or website development then we are your best option for you. Call 8003690331 for affordable SEO packages in India

Web Development Services

Every flourishing industry knows that a site is a very necessary internet marketing tool and also equips services to the clients. Searching a web development corporation is nothing but seeming for some professional web developers, service facilitated by the department and timely delivery reports. The Web Development ruminates on building customizable web apps of any complication level you require, whether this is a business or eCommerce solution, CMS and CRM, information or B2B portal, or a Web.2.0-based solution. .NET, PHP, Java, and Action are within the focus of the efficient activity of our web developers.

Key Features of Web Development Services

PHP Development

We provide highly expandable and extensible PHP web application development solutions with the highest quality standards. Our expert team of PHP web developers in India facilitates custom Framework, PHP development, Web Portals, Social authentication and assimilation solutions that enlarge Rate of Interest for your business.

ASP.NET Development

We are the main ASP.Net Development Company providing high-capacity services. We not only provide good ASP.Net web development but also provide complete ASP.Net solutions that how to use, how you can get more sales, how we support etc. If you are looking for a fresh, results-driven and forward-thinking ASP.Net development services than Soncoya Solutions Pvt Ltd is the best firm for providing ASP.Net development solutions.

Ruby on Rails Development

We suggest Ruby On Rails for all start-up web development. There is the reason for this choice, as ROR is compliant with the budget, TTM (Time to Market), easy learning curve, easy maintenance & support, clear codes, high productivity, also because it is E-commerce friendly, etc.

Python Development

Python is the most common language in today`s world. Python is designed to be highly expandable; Python can also be ingrained in existing applications that require a programmable interface. Python language is very easy to understand as it was designed with a view of a newcomer in mind. Also, Python needs less code to complete basic tasks which makes it an economical language to learn. Python code is often 3-5 times shorter than Java, and 5-10 times shorter than C++, Thus, it is easy to understand python rather than of any other language.

JAVA Development

Java development is a general-purpose computer programming language that is concurrent, object-oriented, class-based and particularly designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. We have the potential to provide Java development services using Java, J2EE or J2ME technology. We offer our clients to provide a one-stop solution for all your needs by utilizing the power of Java/ J2EE in advancing future Java Web 2.0 applications & services.

Technologies & Tools We Use For Web Development Services

  • JavaScript Libraries
  • Front-End Frameworks
  • Frameworks for Web Application
  • Task Runners
  • Package Managers
  • Programming Languages
  • Databases
  • CSS Pre-processors

PHP Development

PHP Development
  • CakePHP Development
  • E-commerce Apps
  • Laravel Development
  • Custom PHP Development
  • Zend Development

ASP.NET Development

ASP.NET Development
  • Enterprise ASP.NET
  • Content Management System
  • Ecommerce Shopping Cart Development
  • ASP.Net Product Development
  • Mobile-friendly Website Applications

Ruby On Rails Development

Ruby On Rails Development
  • Web application development
  • CMS development
  • Custom web development of application
  • Custom RoR application development
  • Deployment, installation and migration

Python Development

Python Development
  • Python dynamic website development
  • Website app Development using Python-based web frameworks Flask & Django
  • Integration of JWT and OAuth 2 for Data Authentication
  • Development of Python-based Content Management System
  • Mobile ready website design & development

JAVA Development

JAVA Development
  • Java (J2EE/ J2ME) Based Solutions
  • Java (J2EE/ J2ME) Web Application Development Services
  • Migration of Client’s Application Servers to Java/ J2EE Platform
  • Cloud Solutions & Integration
  • IoT & Embedded Systems